Correction: Puma Fass 800

Correction in the May issue that should have just landed with subscribers...

Apologies to Puma and our tremendously loyal readership. In our May issue (272), which should be with subscribers today and on sale on the newsstand on Tuesday 3rd April, we state that we’ve reviewed the new Puma Fass 500. Of course, this is the name of the previous incarnation in the Fass range. We actually tested the latest model, the Puma Fass 800.
Price is correct and the reviewer provided the correct name at the initial ‘rawing copy’ phase. Hence, the review is factually correct and the rating remains the same.
Here’s the review in the current issue with the correct name…!
Puma Fass 800
For an activity so simple as running, manufacturers throw a lot of engineering into their shoes and make us pay for it. The latest Kinsei 4 shoes from Asics, for example, retail at a staggering £150. It’s refreshing then that Puma is offering a simpler and cheaper shoe. They’re a bit clunky looking and aren’t going to win any design awards but they’re running shoes and, once you’ve been for a few wet runs, who cares about looks? They’re not stripped down minimalist shoes and, with a big chunk of cushioning at the heel, are obviously for heel strikers. If you want cushioning and support without fancy and expensive gels, pods and struts, they could be for you. At 330g for a UK 10, they’re reasonably light and deliver a comfortable, plush run. You’d never describe them as racy or responsive but, for grinding out the training miles, you could do a lot worse and spend a lot more money.
Verdict: The Fass 800 offer basic cushioning and support on a (relative) budget
Rating 80%