Campagnolo launches EPS drivetrain

News in that Campagnolo has finally launched its electronic groupset

News in today that Campagnolo has finally launched its electronic groupset. Here’s what the Italians had to say at the unveiling…
The history of the Campagnolo electronic drivetrainis the classic example of an obstacle course tackled by people with a great vision for the future, a large heart and an incomparable passion for their work and the world of cycling.
The will for innovationhas always been in the DNA of the company and was the key element that led the CommendatoreTullio Campagnolo to found the company over 80 years ago and provide the world of cycling with the gift of an unlimited series of inventions that have changed the way people cycle and have followed all cyclists, amateurs and professionals, throughout their athletic careers.
The Campagnolo electronic drivetrain, 20 yearsof big ideas and visions.
The obstacles that delayed its launch on the market were not due to errors in design or qualitative blunders, but were essentially caused by the difficulty in finding technological solutions that were on par with the ideas developed at the Campy Tech Lab™,the Campagnolo Research and Development Department.
Today Campagnolo is proud to present Super Record™ EPSand Record™ EPS, two electronic units that are the sum of all of the essential and distinguishing characteristics of Campagnolo products: performance, lightweight, reliability and precision.
The impressive work carried out by the engineers, our passion for cycling that motivates the company, our approach towards innovation and the fundamental contribution of the professional athletes have made it possible to develop an electronic drivetrainthat has a soul.
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