Brad Kahlefeldt injury update

Any hopes Brad Kahlefeldt had of hitting the podium at the Dextro Energy Triathlon - World Championship Series in London this weekend were ruined by this squirm-inducing accident. Read on for more...


Here’s what Brad Kahlefeldt had to say about the grim end to his London Dextro Energy Triathlon – World Championship Series race…


"Would love to write you with better news. Unfortunately I was unable to finish in London WCS race on the weekend. Everything was going to plan until the bike to run transition. I was in the main lead pack off the bike positioned up the front in the group when running bare foot to my bike rack my foot got tangled in an athletes bladed spokes on his front wheel and sliced open my foot at the base of two of my toes. I tried to keep running on it hoping the pain would subside but unfortunately the pain got worse and hit the deck pretty quick.

I was ambulanced to St Mary’s hospital and given Morphine before having an X-ray. Unfortunately I had to wait a few hours there to see a specialist and once they realised I needed surgery I had to go to another Hospital 20 mins away to where the plastic surgeons work out of as they suspected it would need a skin graft and treatment of the exposed tendons. The cut was to the bone and they feared the tendon may be damaged.

So basically I have just been waiting hours at a time as it is a weekend there are minimal surgeons on the job.  As it turned out the plastic surgeon was against a graft on the base of my foot so he cleaned it up and closed the wound. There wasn’t any damage to the tendon.

But huge thanks to Leon, Flynny and Haree for helping me and also keeping me company. It is frustrating to say the very least..

Yokohama this coming weekend if definitely off the cards. I am not sure yet about the finale on the Gold Coast. Will have to wait and see how the recovery is going. I will be trying my best to get to the start line. It is the one race for this year I was really looking forward to. I’ll be looking to fly back to Australia (Gold Coast) in the next couple days."


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