Boardman launches new AiR/TTE

Brit brand unveils its all-new Elite Series flagship tri bike in Kona


In front of a packed pavilion in Hawaii, Chris Boardman and reigning Ironman World Champion Pete Jacobs have unveiled one of 2013’s major bike releases: the Boardman AiR/TTE.


The latest incarnation of the bike that took Pete Jacobs to Hawaii glory in 2012 has spent three years in development, with the launch coming just a week after Boardman released their 25-strong Performance Series in London

The new triathlon and time-trial frame heralds what Boardman believe is a dynamic evolutionary progression, capitalising on the latest cutting edge CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) modelling and design and technologies, derived from F1 and never used in the cycling industry before.

“The new AiR/TTE has a visible DNA link to its predecessor – the 2012 Ironman World Championship winning bike. The new model has evolved to include a fully internal front brake, internal cabling and fully integrated handlebar and stem system – there’s not a cable, nut or bolt in sight,” said Chris Boardman.

“The whole design process has been an emotional process of design, test, redefine, re-test,” he adds, “and has involved a variety of new technologies never used in the cycling industry. The improved aerodynamics came through new laser body scanning technology and CFD design to produce improvements of over 20%.”

The AiR/TTE is designed with the aim of providing adjustability and fit options; the frameset can be either mechanical or electronic.

We’ll have the details on pricing and availability after the 7 November at the Boardman Bikes Elite Series launch.