Big Ben Nevis Tri set for August

What athletes can expect from Scotland’s middle-distance race… and its little sibling


The Big Ben Nevis Triathlon asks competitors to do what no other triathlon can – after the sea swim and the cycle sections, Big Ben athletes have to run up and back down Ben Nevis.


The historical Old Fort at Fort William is the scene for the start of the race, with competitors completing a ‘refreshing’ 1.9km swim. Next, a new addition for this year, the racers will then change wetsuit for Lycra as they set off on a 90km road ride past Loch Laggan and Creag Meaghaidh National Nature Reserve. 

After the bike leg competitors will strap into their trail running shoes to head up and back down Britain’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis, standing at 1,344m. The total distance of the run is 21km.

The Big Ben Tri’s little sibling, The Half Ben Nevis Tri, is completely off-road, and exactly half the distances of the Big Ben. Starting with a 950m sea swim, 45km mountain bike ride round Glen Nevis and a 10.5km hill run to the halfway point of Ben Nevis and back. Although this is the half version, it is still no walk in the park and finishers will feel a great sense of achievement crossing the final line.


First timers and elite athletes took part in both of the Ben Nevis Triathlons last year. The Ben Nevis Triathlons take place on the 24 August 2013.  For more information see the website here or email