Bethan Fowler’s top training

Q&A with the pro Ironman athlete about her training schedule


1. Tell us about your sporting background…how did you get into triathlon?


My first triathlon endeavour was Brecon Triathlon shortly followed by 2004 London Triathlon towards which I had a recreational approach.

It was in 2009 I decided to take a more structured approach to training and was fortunate to be coached by Andrea Whitcombe (former International Triathlete) as a result my performance improved; it was during this time I realised I had an aptitude for the sport.

2. What level are you competing at now?

In 2011 I have took on the Long Course event and I thrived on the discipline required, the training process, and the physical and mental battles throughout, above all else also the competitive element. I truly love the sport and not looked back since. I’m now a pro Ironman athlete.

3. How often do you train and how does this impact your day-to-day life?

Typically I train between 8–25 hours per week, dependent upon the training phase. Each session has a specific focus, which may be geared towards active recovery, technique, speed or endurance, again this depends on the season.

Monday – Run & S&C/TRX Suspension Training

Tuesday – Run & Club Swim

Wednesday – Bike (Turbo), S&C & Yoga/Open Water Swim [season dependent]

Thursday – Bike, Run & Club Swim

Friday – Run & S&C/TRX Suspension Training

Saturday – Run & Swim

Sunday – Bike and Swim

4. How did you get into using TRX?

I was first introduced to TRX Suspension Training while training at the Celtic Manor. TRX Suspension Training has many benefits to triathletes, namely the versatility in that you can perform your exercises while in a gym, hotel room, attached to a tree… literally anywhere that acts as an anchor! Also, there is a plethora of exercises that you can perform ranging from strength to flexibility. I use TRX three times per week, minimum of 20-45min incorporating strength and flexibility exercises.

5. What are your six exercises you can’t live without?







All other exercises are typically whole-body stretches


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