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The best Amazon Prime Day deals for triathletes

Stock up for birthdays and Christmas or treat yourself to some new gear with some of the best Amazon Prime Day deals for triathletes, which are available for the next 48 hours.

Prime Day deals

It’s Prime Day for Amazon users, which let’s admit it, is most of us these days. Upgrade your kit and snag yourself a bargain from our pick of tri-specific deals listed below.


Top tip: products coloured in blue on the Amazon site are discounted for Prime Day, so watch out for these.

Multisport watches  

Image credit: Garmin
Image credit: Garmin

The right multisport watch will certainly have you training smarter and racing faster. Many a triathlete has been lured into a purchase by a long and ‘scientifically-proven’ features list, only to realise a month later that 99% of its capability simply isn’t required, key features to look out for are GPS, heart-rate monitor, Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, usability when on the fly, and battery life.  

Discounted today is the entire Fitbit range, from your simple health tracker to the Versa 2 or Sense Advanced smart watches, which offer a host of features including wellbeing, stress-management and ECG tracking.

Garmin watches are also on offer today, including the Fenix 6 Pro with a whopping £225 off. Features of this multisport watch includes: enhanced wrist heart rate sensor, outdoors maps navigation with TOPO and Pace-Pro tech. The latter provides grade-adjusted pace guidance, which calculates, taking into account hills and gradients, just how fast athletes need to run to meet target times.

If Garmin isn’t your cup of tea, other deals include watches from the Polar range, including the Polar Vantage M and the Huawei GT2.

Energy gels

Image credit: Amazon
Image credit: Amazon

Gels have become a staple in the triathlete’s larder, their culinary convenience meaning you can bike and run to your heart’s content loaded with fuel. Start with around 50g of carbs an hour (about two gels) and slowly consume more if you can stomach it over time. An increase calorie intake is known to delay fatigue, thus helping you to that all important PB.

Looking to stock up on your on-the-fly fuel? This box of 20 High5 caffeine energy gels is only £9.79, with a whopping 64% off.

While you’re at it, grab yourself some electrolyte powder from SiS, with this 40-serving tub available for only £15.89.

Sports headphones

Image credit: Amazon
Image credit: Amazon

Well-known in the sports industry for their safety-conscious bone conducting technology, these AfterShokz OpenMove headphones (£63.95) transfer sound through vibrations and don’t cover your ears, allowing you to remain aware of your surroundings. They also claim to be sweat resistant and durable.

Running gait analysis

creidt: Nurvv
Image credit: Nurvv

We were impressed by the NURVV smart insole in testing, and it’s currently 40% off in the Amazon sale. That means a whopping £100 reduction from £249.99 to £149.99. Just when you thought every metric-measuring tri tool had been invented, along strides this cutting-edge insole from Nurvv, designed to give you next level of insight into your run technique. Nurvv’s USP is two smart insoles loaded with 16 sensors apiece. They fit between your current insole and the sole of the shoe. It’s the array of technique data that stands out, with each of those sole sensors measuring cadence, step length, elevation, foot strike, degree of pronation and training load.

Bike computers 

Image credit: Amazon
Image credit: Amazon

In general, the larger the screen size, the easier the info is to read, though pixelated digits or a small fonts can mean this isn’t always the case. This is key if you’re relying on your computer for navigation so, when appropriate, check its resolution. 

This Garmin Edge Explore with touch-screen and navigation guide currently has £71 off and is available at a cool £149.

Not interested in all the stats and just want to your your pace on the fly? Check out this CooSpo GPS and speedometer bike computer at £46.74.


Image credit: Amazon
Image credit: Amazon

Long gone are the days of heavy, ugly and sweaty brain buckets. Now helmets are so light you barely notice you’re wearing one. On warm rides, inner channel airflow systems are so good that you’re kept cooler by wearing a helmet than not. That improved venting is possible because some helmets use an inner skeleton to increase the strength of the inner EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) shell that takes the impact in a crash. A more recent safety measure is MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact System). This helps with rotational impacts by allowing the outer EPS shell to move up to 15mm over the inner liner. 

Popular on Amazon is this Shinmax helmet with detachable magnetic visor for £28.79.

For the safety-conscious, this LUMOS Kickstart helmet has integrated lights, including 10 white LEDs at the front, 16 red LEDs at the back, which can be used as a brake light, and two orange LEDs for the indicators. It also boasts an integrated MIPS among its features. 

If you’re prone to overheating on the bike, then this Lixada helmet has 32 air vents to keep you cool and focussed on the road ahead. It comes in a range of colours and is currently only £23.99.

Bike lights 

Choosing the right bike light for you depends on a few factors. Firstly, consider what kind of riding you want the light for. If you’re after a light you can use for short commutes on roads, battery life may not be as much of a priority as light strength and visibility. Features to look out for include the ability to be recharged by USB, weather resistance, easy and secure attachment, durability, a solid guarantee and a good number of lumens (brightness). 

This OCOOPA front bike light (£15.99) is rechargeable via USB and boasts 1,200 lumens. It also comes with a rear light and has an IPX5 waterproof rating.

Another option is the REHKITTZ(£16.79) front and back light set, the use of American LED wick technology is said to enable the front light to reach a colossal 3,300 lumen brightness.


Image credit: Amazon
Image credit: Amazon

Three things to look for in a good pair of racing and training goggles are fit, comfort and clarity. You want your goggles to be easy to adjust and fit perfectly every time, the seal shouldn’t leave huge red rings around your eyes and you don’t want them to fog up.

The Speedo Futura Biofuse  goggles (£11.24) are designed to offer soft seals, a wide lens for open-water swimming and a flexible frame to fit a range of faces.

Alternatively, the Arena Python Mirror goggles (£12.07) offer a curved lens with UV protection and anti-fog coating, claiming also to have a soft and comfortable silicone seal and range of nose gap bridges for adjustability and fit. 

Tow floats 

A tow float is a floatation device that open water swimmers use to increase their visibility in the water. They are lightweight to keep drag to a minimum and are brightly coloured, normally florescent orange, pink or yellow, to stand out from the water. 

On offer today is this WholeFire 20L float, it comes with an inflatable dry bag pocket to stash valuables and is only £11.99 in the sale.


Image credit: Amazon
Image credit: Amazon

Always needed a tri-specific suit but nervous about splashing out the big bucks? You’re in luck, as today you will find top tri wetsuits heavily discounted. The fit of your triathlon wetsuit is paramount. The wetsuit needs to be snug, rather than loose.

However if it’s too tight, your swimming experience won’t be pleasant and movement could be restricted. If it’s too loose it’ll allow water into the suit, which will seriously slow you down. You also need to be truthful with yourself about your swim level. If you’re a beginner, you might need one that will help you maintain your swim position in the water.

We recently tested the Zone3 Aspire, which is environmentally-friendly thanks to it’s use of neoprene derived from limestone, rather than oil. The Aerodome materials provide a reported 30% extra buoyancy than standard neoprene, and the added leg and hip panels meant no kicking was required to stay afloat in our sea-swim tests.

The Pro Speed cuffs made for a quick transition and, despite feeling restricted, thanks to the drag-reducing SCS coating it gives the feeling of gliding along with minimal effort. If you fancy nabbing yourself a suit, the Aspire is now on sale for £75 off.

A top-end suit in terms of budget and performance with ‘ultimate flexibility’ proudly printed on the front, the Zone3 Vanquish is the suit to turn to if you want superior movement. Tested in our 2020 wetsuits test, it has a comfortable inner lining and neck line, which is ideal for Ironman, and the Aerodome material on the legs has air bubbles between the fabric that Zone3 claims make it 30% more buoyant than standard neoprene. The arm panels feature Yamamoto BRS SCS material that is just 0.3mm, claimed to be the thinnest neoprene in the word. It currently has £115 off, so grab yourself a steal of a deal with the Vanquish before it sells out.

Sports sunglasses  

Image credit: Amazon
Image credit: Amazon

Nothing encapsulates your multisport taste more than triathlon glasses, but there’s much more to them than meets the eye. First up is protection. This comes in two forms, with the lens deflecting debris flicked up from the road and blocking dust whipped up from hot summer days. They also protect you from the sun’s rays, so choose a pair with good UV protection.

With a set of interchangeable lenses, these CrazyFire sunnies (£7.99) have a claimed UV400 protection and are polarised to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. They also come with a hard case.

Massage guns  

Always wanted a massage gun but couldn’t justify the spend? You’re in luck, this HOPOSO gun comes with 30 different speeds and head types designed to be optimised for different muscle groups. It aims to mimic deep tissue massage through percussive therapy, to help speed up recovery, aid in warming-up before exercise and help to avoid injury. A handy and portable alternative to a chunky foam roller, massage guns can be particularly useful after races or hard efforts when you don’t necessarily have the time or space to stretch and roll out.

Also with a huge 30% discount is the Hyperice Hypervolt which features a high-torque 60W motor paired with ‘QuietGlide’ technology, which Hyperice claims makes the Hyervolt the ‘first product to deliver so much power so quietly’. It also is portable and rechargeable, with three levels of ‘Pressure Sensor Technology’, aiming to provie the optimum pressure for each muscle group.


Top image: Unsplash