Become a warrior

HIV charity launched by top age-group triathlete Danny Bent

This just in from top age-group triathlete/world bog triathlon snorkeling champion/man who cycled to India, Danny Bent, about his new venture…
“I’m looking for people to take up a challenge, live a dream or do something wacky in the name of raising £1million for the HIV charity, Keep a Child Alive.
I already have cyclists traversing Africa and South America, a lady running to the South Pole, 10k & marathon runners (including my mum, 59, who’s trying to beat her marathon PB set 31 years ago), sky divers, people organising gigs and parties, amongst others.
If you have a challenge planned or fancy breaking your routine and doing something different, click on the website and register your interest. Children all over the globe living with, or affected by, HIV and AIDS will thank you for it.
I’m looking for 1,000 brave souls to be warriors to take on a challenge and, in turn, find 100 friends to sponsor them £10 only for our one cause.
I’m hoping to collaborate with all warriors to write another bestselling book (see here) afterwards.
You can do it!! Click on the link to register!”