Aquatrail Race Provides Exciting New Format

With competitors repeatedly switching between running and swimming, Aquatrail provides an interesting new race format


This summer, Endurancelife are introducing thier new ‘Aquatrail’ event, a race which alternates between running and swimming for 10km total distance, making for a fast and challenging race.


The runs will be punctuated by up to 10 swim sections, with the maximum swim length totalling two kilometres, but each individual swim being no further than 500m. It’s been specifically designed to test speed, power, stamina and strength.

Aquatrail will be launched on 5th May 2012, as part of the Endurancelife Festival which takes place in the Flete Estate near Plymouth. If the first event is well supported, then the organisers plan to develop the race into a national series.


For more information about the series you can check it out on Facebook, or go on the official website for more information and to book your place.