220’s Winter Training Advent Calendar (Part 5)

For the next part of our Winter Training Tips Advent Calendar, we’ve got offerings from pros Sophie Coleman, Liz Blatchford and Cat Morrison along with a couple of indoor bike sessions…

31 Do A Long Run
Long runs help improve endurance and run efficiency so this winter I’ll incorporate one long run a week of 90mins to 2hrs, where I’ll stick to running off-road at a steady pace. I avoid the monotony of running the same routes week in, week out by using this as a chance to explore the countryside.
Sophie Coleman, 2010 World U23 Duathlon Champion
32 Do Something Fun
I did a body combat class – it was torture but bloody good fun! But also, make time to do some fun, non-triathlon stuff like holding a club night out, or arranging some guest speakers for a monthly club night.
Cat Morrison, 1st, Texas 70.3, St Croix 70.3 and Ironman Texas, 2011
33 Maximise Your Muscles
Use winter to work on every muscle in your body, to support the large muscle groups used for swimming, riding and running. Try some pilates to strengthen your core, work on running technique to make you efficient under fatigue and take time to stretch and stay flexible. Get into a routine with this so it carries forward into your season and helps to keep you injury-free.
Liz Blatchford, 2nd, Falls Creek ½ Ironman, 2011
34 Turbo Sessions
Use the turbo trainer for an over-geared workout to develop leg strength.
Warm-up: 10-15mins spinning at progressively increasing intensity.
Main set: Pyramind of efforts with equal amount of recovery after each interval. Intervals need to be done at 65-70rpm and at about 80-85% effort. Intervals 1min/2mins/3mins/4mins/5mins/4mins/3mins/2mins/1min.
Cool-down: 5mins easy spin.
35 Rollers Session
Use rollers to develop leg speed and smooth technique.
Warm-up: 10mins in small chainring, building gradually from 80 to 100rpm.
Main set: Start in the big chainring and biggest sprocket on rear cassette. Spin at 100rpm for 2mins and then recover at 80rpm for 1min. Drop the cain onto the next sprocket down and repeat all the way down until you’re in top gear.
Cool-down: 5mins easy spin.
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