1,000 spots on sale for Hyde Park age-group races

First come, first serve spaces on offer until they go for the ITU Worlds


In May 2014, the ITU World Triathon Series returns to Hyde Park, scene of 2013’s World Championships and the Olympic Games. Once again they’ll be age-group races on offer, with the organisers opening the ballot for 1,000 entries today on a first come, first serve basis.

The 2014 event will take place on 31 May / 1 June 2014 in Hyde Park in the heart of London.

The main entry period will run in January 2014 when a ballot system will be operated but 1,000 entries are being sold on a first come first served basis to the tri community in advance of the ballot.

Entry is now open for 1,000 places across a variety of distances available

Each distance will have its own capacity. These are sold on a first come first served basis and you will not be able to change the distance at a later date.

Distances Available

Olympic Distance: 1,500m Swim (1 lap), 36.5km Bike (5 laps), 10km Run (4 laps)

Sprint Distance: 750m Swim (1 lap), 22.5km Bike (3 laps), 5km Run (2 laps)

Super Sprint Distance: 400m Swim (1 lap), 15.5km Bike (2 laps), 2.5km Run (1 lap)

Due to the time of year, more Sprint Distance race starts are available then Olympic Distance.

Head to http://worldtrilondon.com/entry_info to enter.

Image: Delly Carr/ITU