Spring 2018

Highlights include: 25 aero gear upgrades, a week training with Flora Duffy, 8-week strength-building training plan, Tim Don on how to overcome training setbacks, and all the latest tri kit tested and reviewed including three disc-brake-equipped bikes going head to head


25 aero upgrades: upgrading your triathlon gear – and, by virtue, your performance – needn’t break the bank. We share 25 affordable ways to beat your personal best


Train like Flora Duffy: we spend a week with multiple world champion to discover her training secrets

Build race-strength in 8 weeks: it’s simple really – add strength training to your sessions to get faster. Here’s the plan that will keep you race strong in 2018. 

Eat to boost muscle recovery: make the most of each and every session by choosing the right recovery fuel.Kate Percy provides four perfect post-training recipes

Kit Zone: Simply the most comprehensive triathlon review resource available; vested tri-suits, trace-day run shoes, and cropped and bra tops get grouptests; three £3,000 disc-brake-equipped bikes go head-to-head, and all the latest tri gear tested.

Ask the Don: multiple ITU world champ,3x Olympian and Ironman pro Tim Don explains how to overcome training setbacks, plus our panel of experts come to your multisporting rescue


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