September issue of 220 out now

220 is now 30 years old! (we can't believe it either!). To celebrate we produced a special anniversary issue and here are the highlights... The ultimate 30 training tips; the best race-day breakfasts; racing Windsor tri 1980's style; what will happen during the next 30 years of tri; 8=week duathlon training plan and all the latest tri kit tested and reviewed


220 has turned 30 and to celebrate here is an insight into our very special 30th anniversary issue…


The ultimate 30 training tips: The top swimmers, bikers and runners in tri share their ultimate training and racing tips

Tomorrow’s triathlon world: We ask, what will the future of multisport look like in 30 years’ time? Cue 220’s crystal ball!

Retro racing: To celebrate 220’s 30th birthday we raced the Windsor Triathlon using kit from 1989 – and the hottest tech of 2019- to compare the tri racing experiences

Race-day breakfasts: Set yourself up for a great A race performance with this month’s four recipes

8-week duathlon training plan: Keep the season going by training for – and smashing out – a duathlon. Here’s how to stay in the multisporting game… 

Ask the Don: Multiple ITU world champ, 3x Olympian and Ironman pro Tim Don explains how to prepare for a hilly ride, plus our panel of experts come to your multisporting rescue

Kit Zone: Simply the most comprehensive triathlon review resource available; race-day saddles and swimrun wetsuits get grouptests, while three super tri bikes get put through their paces; plus all the latest tri gear tested.

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