October 2018

35 ways to boost your duathlon training; beat the Ironman blues; gain the edge with the latest tri innovations, and all the latest tri kit tested and reviewed, including the new Huub/Brownlee brothers wetsuit and 3 Tour de France-inspired bikes for tri


35 ways to boost your duathlon training: Expert training advice, kit suggestions and sessions to guarantee run, bike,run success 


Beat the Ironman blues: Martyn Brunt guides you off the sofa, out of your post-race funk and onto your next racing challenge.

Master the trails in just 8 weeks: Get ready for some seriously dirty fun with Dermott Hayes’ 2-month off-road training plan 

Gain the edge: Propel your performance to a whole, with the very latest in tri innovations 

Ask the Don: multiple ITU world champ, 3x Olympian and Ironman pro Tim Don explains how to deal with cramp on the run, plus our panel of experts come to your multisporting rescue

Kit Zone: Simply the most comprehensive triathlon review resource available; the Huub/Brownlee wetsuit gets an in-depth review; indoor trainers, mileage run shoes, and jammers get grouptests; while three 3 Tour de France-inspired road bikes go head-to-head, and all the latest tri gear tested.


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