November 2017

Highlights include: 6 of the best adventure challenges; how to race a double Ironman; easy bike fuel recipes; ultimate off-season training guide, and all the latest tri kit tested and reviewed, including pool goggles.


6 of the best adventure challenges: Add a rush of adrenaline to your sporting adventures this off-season with these six epic challenges


Boost strength in the off-season: Your training success in 2018 is dependant on the quality of your off-season work. Here are our ultimate fuelling, strength and mindset tips to keep you fit and fresh through the winter months.

What’s it like to race a double Ironman? Bitterly cold, ferociously hilly and very, very long. The Brutal is one of the toughest triathlons in the world. So what’s it like to do it twice in one go? James Fergus recalls his hallucinatory weekend of starlit skies and giant squirrels.

Kit Zone: Simply the most comprehensive triathlon review resource available; pool goggles, run tee, and energy bar grouptests; three steel road bikes get tested for all-year-round riding; all the latest tri gear tested.

Ask the man: Six-time Ironman world champ Dave Scott answers your questions, plus our panel of experts come to the multisporting rescue


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