May 2016

Liz Blatchford Q&A, Anthony Gerundini interview, 101 triathlon tips, all the latest gear...


Anthony Gerundini:This ultra-distance triathletehas completed more than 101 iron-distances. He talks to Jack Sexty about what lies behind his drive and determination to keep going


Elite Q&A: Kona podium visitor Liz Blatchford answers your questions

The ultimate 101 tips: Six of the world’s best coaches share their advice for reaching your full tri-potential

Performance: The latest sports-science research, conquering open water fears, and tailoring your nutritional intake for key workouts


Test centre: Simply the most comprehensive triathlon review resource available: performance eyewear, women’s tri-suits and men’s wetsuits grouptests; the 2 bikes, Genesis Zero and Pinnacle Dolomite 5, get in depth reviews; all the latest tri gear tested