June issue

Highlights include: 35 ways to smash your Ironman; 8-week half-Ironman training plan; race stronger and recover faster nutritional advice; and all the latest tri kit tested and reviewed including three aero road bikes


35 ways to smash your Ironman: you’ve logged the countless hours of swim, bike and run training in preparation for your Ironman race. But how do you put it all together? Here’s your ultimate Ironman race-week guide


8-week half-Ironman training plan: ready to tackle your first middle-distance triathlon? Dermott Hayes has the plan that will guarantee half-Ironman success

Race stronger, recover faster: without the correct nutrition you can wave goodbye to great training sessions or race PBs. Luckily we’ve got the latest thinking on this fast-evolving area of sports science.

Fuel your long bike ride: sick of pasta, fed up with gels? Try these tasty alternatives

Martyn Brunt: our weekend warrier lists all the noises you don’t want to hear when racing

Ask the Don: multiple ITU world champ, 3x Olympian and Ironman pro Tim Don explains how to race through transition, plus our panel of experts come to your multisporting rescue

Kit Zone: Simply the most comprehensive triathlon review resource available; men’s and women’s sub £300 wetsuits, women’s sleeved tri-suits, and tri saddles get grouptests; while three aero road bike go head-to-head, and all the latest tri gear tested.


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