June 2022 issue of 220

The June edition of 220 Triathlon is out now and here's what you can expect to find inside...

Front cover of 220 Triathlon June issue with a swimmer in open water

The June 2022 edition of 220 Triathlon is out now and is packed full of inspiring stories and useful advice. Here’s what you can expect to find inside…

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It’s time for our special swim faster in open water issue, where you can peruse the pages to read all about how to beat your open water demons. Many new open-water swimmers have a fear that is holding them back, Helen Webster advises on how to conquer it.

Learn how to swim front crawl efficiently and find out why it’s the chosen swim stroke of triathlon. John Wood breaks things down to make you a faster triathlon swimmer.

You’ve mastered front crawl and overcome your fear of open water, so what’s next? Smashing it of course. Read-up on the best 10 ways to gain the edge when it comes to racing the swim leg.

She’s a powerhouse when it comes to 70.3 racing, with numerous Ironman, ITU and Challenge Family wins under her belt. Read all about how Lucy Buckingham (née Hall) for into the sport and her big goals for this season.

Want some slick sneakers for triathlon racing? We test 10 for speed, nimbleness and multisport suitability in our buyer’s guide for race day run shoes.

As one of the only pieces of kit you wear throughout an entire race, picking the right tri-suit is vital. We put 10 to the test to help you pick your ideal suit.

In a world of rising costs, we consider whether it’s possible to find an entry-level road bike that won’t leave a huge hole in your finances with two wallet-friendly options from Boardman and Triban.

Finally, this month’s women’s training looks at the tummy gap (abs separation) and exactly it is. Including how to check for it and how you can fix it.

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