June 2016

Non Standford, Vicky Holland and Helen Jenkins interviews, Get lean and fast, all the latest gear...


Non Stanford and Vicky Holland: Best friends, house-mates, and now Olympic team-mates these two not only train together but live together too. We join Rio-bound duo to go behind the scenes of this unique, but ultimately successful, relationship


Elite Q&A: The third Olympic team member Helen Jenkins answers your questions

Get lean go faster: Matt Fitzgerald explains how to get lean for peak performance, while increasing power

Performance: The latest sports-science research, sharpening race-day skills by tapering, and planning your hydration


Test centre: Simply the most comprehensive triathlon review resource available: women’s wetsuits and open-water goggles grouptests; while the two bikes, Orbea Ordu Ltd M201 and Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 2 2016, get in-depth reviews; all the latest tri gear tested