July 2016

Mario Mola, the best UK Iron-distance races, swimrun gear focus...


The UK’s best iron-distance races: Setting out on a quest to complete a long-distance race in the UK this year or next? Then read our guide to the best long-distances the UK has to offer…


Elite Q&A: WTS leader Mario Mola takes your questions

Gear focus: swimrun: You’ll need more than just your trainers and swim trunks if you’re taking on one of the growing range of ÖtillÖ-style races. You will find out what kit you can’t live without in our guide…

Performance: The latest sports-science research, including how increasing your mitochondria levels could unleash your potential, mastering the open-water training plan, and tips for going carb-free safely


Test centre: Simply the most comprehensive triathlon review resource available: transition bag and bike jersey grouptests; while the Cervélo S3 bike gets an in-depth review and two £1,000 bikes, the Boardman Team TT and the Moda Mossa, go head to head to find the best for your money; all the latest tri gear tested