July 2014

Jodie Stimpson profile, Slateman race special and Craig Alexander’s psychology tips


Issue 301 of 220 is on the shelves now. In it we profile the astronomic rise of Jodie Stimpson, run a five page Slateman special and feature Craig Alexander’s top psychology tips.

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Here are some of the highlights…

Building a champion

How to achieve greatness with Jodie Stimpson

Commonwealths Special

All the info you need ahead of Glasgow 2014

Higher, Faster, Longer

We examine the dawn of the super Iron athlete

Game of Stones

Gallery and race reports from an epic weekend of racing at the Slateman


Pacing advice, Craig Alexander’s top psychology advice and the truth about lactic acid

Test Centre

Moda, BMC and Kona bikes, 10 run tees, TT helmets and tri bike shoes on test

Blippar: loads of extra content to be unlocked via the Blippar app, available for smartphones and tablets

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Issue 301 is on sale now at newsagents across the UK, and the digital edition can be picked up via the iTunes storeGoogle Play and Zinio.