July 2010

Ultimate guide to tri nutrition: what the pros eat, homemade bars and more; How to swim straight; Speed advice from Dillon; Tri in Ireland; Top pros on starting out; Tested: women's road bikes, the £600 wetsuit


Ultimate Guide to Tri Nutrition


What the pros eat; how to make your own energy bars; expert advice on how to fuel right to race fast; and more

Swim straight

Learn the art of swimming in a straight line and get a new PB

Running with Dillon

220’s Coach of the Year provides essential run speed advice for all

Tri on the Emerald Isle

As the European Tri Champs head to Ireland, we preview the event and look at the tri scene across the pond

Pro beginnings

Train for your first tri with swim tips from Hayes; bike advice from Neyedli; and run sessions with Freeman

Run fast… by bike training!

Why a two-wheeled focus will help you conquer the Ironman run

At the races

Escape from Alcatraz, Ironman South Africa, Seoul World Series and more


Women's road bikes, energy gels, racing shoes, that £600+ wetsuit and more