August 2016

41 page Rio special, four of te best mountain triathlons, Simon Whitfield Q & A, training plans and workouts


41 page Rio special: Everything you need to follow triathlon at the Olympics and Paralympics, including course guides, athlete biogs and an exclusive behind the scenes look at Gwen Jorgensen’s pre Olympic training camp.


 Elite Q&A: To celebrate the Olympics 2000 Olympic champ Simon Whitfield answers your questions.

Mountain triathlons: we look at four of the world’s toughest mountain triathlons and what you need to succeed at altitude.

Performance: The latest sports-science research, including a case for slush-puppies pre race; how to improve your swim and maintain your bike form in between races mastering the open-water training plan, and tips for going carb-free safely


Test centre: Simply the most comprehensive triathlon review resource available: Tri bike shoes and bike computer grouptests; while the Storek Aero Comp 2 bike gets an in-depth review and Garmain’s new multisport watch, the FR735XT, gets put through its paces; all the latest tri gear tested