Zone3 Aspire

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

The Aspire is one of two women’s wetsuits currently available from new British brand Zone3.


The stretch-XS neoprene on the arms made the shoulder area feel pliable, although an awkwardly placed seam gave a level of restriction we could have done without.

While swimming we found that water entered the low-rise neck at the back, although the cuffs kept it out at the ankles and wrists. Performance-wise, it wasn’t particularly fast. But on the plus, it didn’t rub, the 5mm neoprene on the hips and thighs kept us buoyant, and thinner material elsewhere gave flexibility.

It was in T1, though, where the Aspire really came into its own. The pro-speed cuffs meant the suit came off in a flash: we didn’t even need to use our hands to step out of the bottom of the it. So if you think you’d benefit more from a faster T1 than a faster swim, then this is the suit for you.


Contact : Zone3 01509 222903