Sporty Winning Edge Hipsters

New sporty briefs for women that banish the dreaded VPL...

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Winning Edge Hipsters

Some products are always guaranteed to create hilarity when they turn up in the 220 offices. Lube. Anything that mentions chafing. Small lycra outfits that demand members of the team spare their blushes, suck their stomachs in and do some modelling work for photography… But, taking the top award this week, are these new hipster briefs for women that arrived with a press release claiming ‘no more wedgies – with Edgies!’


Schoolboy sniggers aside, it turns out these are actually a very good product. Made from a wicking microfibre fabric that is perfect for use when running or in the gym, the hipsters are comfortable and thanks to the cut at the edge don’t give even a hint of VPL. Not only that, but look closely and you’ll see strange silicon lines running along the inside of each leg hole, which keep the briefs in place to (as they delicately suggest) avoid the dreaded ‘wedgies’.

Two designs are available – the hipsters we tested and a boy brief style – and both come in either white or black.

Verdict: A well thought-out product that does as it promises!


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