Triathlon Start to Finish

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

As a long-established author of several running titles, Sam Murphy has transferred that great authority to the multisport arena, while the tri expertise here is provided by none other than Richard Allen, one of the country’s finest-ever triathletes.


Sam’s understanding of basic training principles – what you should eat and what gear you need – combined with Richard’s deeper knowledge of specific requirements, such as cadence on your bike or transition tips, provide a clear and concise picture of what you need to think about when taking up triathlon, notably for sprint and Olympic distance events. It’s all good stuff: clearly written and clearly presented, with nothing too scientific.

On a housekeeping note, thanks in part to the pastel shades and perhaps because we know Sam specialises in this area, we did feel this is a book designed more with the female triathlete in mind. But in reality, the training and advice is appropriate for any beginner, male or female.

So guys, look beyond the pink boxes – what she says will work for you as well!


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