Zoot Tri Ultra

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

This is the pinnacle piece of race apparel from American tri experts Zoot, and delivers a good balance of comfort and performance. The fabric provides a fine level of compression, but the short (seven-inch) inseam means this manifests mid-thigh. For more muscular athletes this could be a source of discomfort.


That said, the hem is excellent, providing comfort where many pinch or apply tourniquet. Similarly, the seams are all softly finished, which eliminates any potential irritation. The micro-fleece chamois is effective, with sufficient bike comfort and no excessive bulk that could be a problem when running.

There’s a little annoyance attributed to the body length of the tri-suit – it’s most noticeable in the swim with the central seam pulling during full extension. That’s our only real niggle – but equally, there’s nothing that really stands out here, and I feel other competitors are pushing the boundaries further.


Contact : DJM Products 02380 811760 www.zootsports.com