TriGirl Victoria

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

TriGirl is one of the few women-specific triathlon brands on the market, and prides itself on design and development ‘by women for women’.


We like the colours and design of this suit, which are far brighter than most competitors’ offerings. It has an inner support around the chest, which performs well on the run, making this already comfortable suit even better. For comfort we usually prefer back zips on women’s suits, but with the inner support the front zip causes no irritation or discomfort.

Extra details, such as the mesh sections on the back, work well against sweat build-up and provide some extra cooling. A rear zipped pocket also works well, as it doesn’t drag on the swim and is easy to open during the run.

However, the leg pocket is surplus to requirements and causes drag. But ?the bigger problem here is in the fabric used – it feels thick and absorbs a lot more water than competitors’ suits, slowing down the swim and resulting in a heavy suit for the bike.


Contact : TriGirl 07734 846978