Tiger Frog Iron Tiger tri-suit review

Can Shropshire’s latest sleeved offering do the business?

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Tiger Frog Iron Tiger tri-suit review


As our recent grouptest proves, sleeved tri-suits are on the rise, with Huub, Louis Garneau and others offering alternatives to the classic vest design. And we’re all for it, the plus points including sun protection, comfort and, for us, aesthetics.

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The Iron Tiger is Shropshire-hailing Tiger Frog’s version, aimed at the long-course crowd and coming in £100 cheaper than the aforementioned brands’ sleeved suits. Out of the box and it looks fantastic, and this initial positivity continued during our test period.

Comfort and breathability were both evident during April’s warm spell, with the spongey yet narrow pad keeping our bottom happy on the bike and proving barely noticeable on the run.

Added touches include a high neck to minimise wetsuit rub and two jumbo back pockets with space for gels and probably a sandwich or two. 

Like the enduring popularity of Ed Sheeran, however, something we’re baffled by is why tri-suit designers don’t include a guard between the zip-puller and skin.

The Iron Tiger continues this trend, leading to a little discomfort on the run. Overall, though, that’s a minor niggle in a recommended and affordable sleeved suit.

Verdict: Impressive stuff, and not just for 226km athletes, 85%


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