Spiuk ?Evolution 2

Our rating 
3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0

Spiuk’s latest offering is a female-specific tri-suit based on their respected swimsuit. First up, the lightweight and slick fabric of the Evolution 2 gives it a fast feel in the water, thanks primarily to little absorption. The open-back design is unique to the women’s tri-suits tested here and we really like the look. Not only that, this feature also lets you dump a lot of heat during the bike and run, which is perfect for summer races.


The chamois pad is low-profile but still offers some comfortable protection on the bike. They have also used very good grippers on the legs, ensuring less movement during the disciplines.

But like several in this test, it’s let down by one major problem; in this case it’s the rear material panel. You see, we managed to put our foot straight through it! Mind you, if you’re very careful and demand a low-profile, sexy tri-suit for the summer, the Spiuk Evolution 2 could be the ?perfect choice for you.


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