Speedo LZR Tri-Pro

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4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

Tasked with replicating the success of the all-conquering LZR Racer swimsuit in triathlon, Speedo has come up with the LZR Racer Tri-Pro, the first in a line of new products.


But far from shortening the legs and sticking padding into the backside of the LZR Racer, Speedo has rolled out an entirely different beast when it comes to water comfort and aerodynamics.

The excellent fit means there’s no water infiltrating where it shouldn’t, creating a super-fast feel for a non-wetsuit pool or open-water event. There are no pockets to create drag and the water runs off the suit in beads – so effective is the hydrophobic coating – meaning the suit dries very quickly, remains light and keeps its shape (although the lack of pockets won’t suit nutrition-carrying triathletes).
The Tri-Pro offers compression without being restrictive and holds a linear body position (lying in the water/upright on the run) that’s flexible enough to be comfortable on the tri-bars, too. The padding offers comfort on the bike and doesn’t chafe on the run, with the men’s and women’s versions accounting for different needs in this area. Design options follow the Henry Ford principle of ‘any colour you like as long as it’s black’ that fits with the performance ethos of the garment.

The Tri-Pro will doubtless be a hit for speed-conscious athletes, particularly those racing shorter distances and in non-wetsuit swims. If you demand something flash, look elsewhere. If it’s out-and-out performance that matters, then the LZR demands a try.


Contact : Speedo 0845 8508582 www.speedo.com/triathlon