Sailfish Trisuit Pro review

Is a rear-zipped tri-suit what you need for triathlon? Let’s find out

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
Credit: The Secret Studio

The Trisuit Pro differs from most standard tri-suits as the zipper is at the rear, a formation you’re more likely to find on the ITU circuit and also the official Great Britain age-group team suits.

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It’s most appropriate for sprint and Olympic-distance racing, where comfort breaks and keeping cool for hours on end aren’t likely to come into play (although you’ll often see ITU racers unzip their suit at the back when they get onto the run course to allow more air to circulate).

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Compared to the GB suits made by Descente, we found the grippers far superior on the Trisuit Pro with sizeable flatlocked seams. The suit also has much more stretch across the chest, which moves well on the run without restriction. As with all rear zipper suits, it’s not the most breathable at the front and there aren’t any added lighter mesh sections. This might be something to think about if you race in very hot locations, but for UK racing this is rarely going to prove a problem. The zip guard covers the full length of the reverse zipper and also folds over at the top for greater comfort, a neat touch that prevented any irritation.

On our swim test sessions, the hydrodynamic material felt fast through the water, and it also dried very quickly. The pad isn’t the most luxurious so we’d be hesitant to use it for anything longer than Olympic-distance tri, but elsewhere it more than does the job for all but the hottest days.

Verdict: Lacks some breathability, but stretch comfort is impressive, 85%

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