Raceskin Funky Skull Speedsuit review

This tri-suit from the custom kit specialists Raceskin is a keeper says Matt Baird, and scores it 89%

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
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Based on the Tri-Fit from issue 370, the Huub Anemoi, 2XU’s suits and more, these feel like peak years of tri-suit design, an elastane era where comfort, convenience, aerodynamics and style have united to seamless (both literally and figuratively) effect. And the Funky Skull Speedsuit ticks these core boxes with aplomb.


Raceskin were the surprise winners of 220’s ‘Tri-suit Brand of the Year’ in 2018, edging out previous winners Huub. The popularity stems from their long-established range of custom offerings, but they also have standalone items for sale on their website, with the Funky Skull being one of a range that includes two-pieces, vested suits and other Speedsuits in slightly more muted and even more aggressive colourways.

In terms of that tri-suit box ticking, the Funky Skull boasts a full-length zip for portable toilet practicality, flatlock seams within, breathable Lycra, graceful grippers and one of the most effective zipper guards you’ll ever find. The rear pockets are neatly positioned and large enough for a couple of gels, but the openness does cause a little drag in the water.

In terms of the pad, the question is what race distances are you planning to use this for? Although double density, it’s still fairly slim and 4hrs perched on it felt like enough for us, so we wouldn’t race full Ironman in it. But, based on the overall evidence here, we can see Raceskin riding high in 2019’s 220 Awards as well. And we love the titular skull, which also makes a larger appearance on the back.

Verdict: A brilliant suit that ticks both the style and performance boxes, 89%

Buy from: www.raceskin.co.uk/


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