Blueseventy Endurance tri suit

Smartly styled triathlon suit and comfy, but a little on the small side

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Best known for their wetsuits, goggles and swimskins, Blueseventy has now launched a range of tri-suits so that you can continue further than T1 in their branded gear.


The Endurance tri-suit is a smartly styled black number that features a front zip and orange detailing. The branding is small and discreet with a single rear covered pocket sewn in to hold a gel or energy bar. The pocket is a good, tight fit, and the cover means it’ll be both secure and faster through the water.

The only snag is that it’s a little on the small side and so only really useful for one gel or bar. Padding-wise the Endurance has a neat, slimline chamois that is both comfy in the saddle and unobtrusive when running. The legs have grippers on the inside to stop them riding up when on the bike, and the zip is a three-quarter length affair that runs smoothly and feels robust.

Without a flap to cover the top, though, some chafing was felt on the chest. The fabric of the Endurance suit is treated with a Swiss technology called ‘ColdBlack’, which is designed to reflect UV rays more efficiently to keep the fabric (and the athlete) cooler in direct sunlight.

In practice it’s hard to tell if this offers a significant real world advantage but, at £100, it doesn’t feel like you’re paying significantly over the odds for this added technology as the suit is so well-made anyway.


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