Tri-Clips package of two

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Tri-Clips is a new product aimed to speed up your T1. They consist of a small square unit that’s attached to your seat stays using a Velcro strap and a clip on a retractable cord. The clip is then attached to the heel of your bike shoes and allows the shoe to remain in a flat position while attached to the pedals.


Of course, the benefit of this is that you can run out of transition, jump onto your bike, and not have to worry about your shoes swinging around and scuffing on the floor. The Tri-Clips are well-constructed and function well with the clips slipping off the back of the shoes as you start to pedal.

For those who ride in cycling shoes these could certainly aid your transition. But if you have loops on the back of your shoes, you can save yourself a penny or two by using elastic bands instead!


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