Swimovate Poolmate 2 review

Now with added open-water mode, this sets the new standard for swim watches

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4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

Swimovate Poolmate 2 review


Swimovate’s long-awaited sequel to their original Poolmate now comes with an open-water mode, which means the name no longer fully does all its features justice.

The Poolmate 2 does everything its predecessor did, including lap counting in pools from 18-50m, stroke efficiency, storing sets and taking rest time in between reps.

It’s remarkably accurate in a 25m pool, and we found it didn’t miss a lap in numerous swims of 3km and up.

Operation is simple, with the ‘mode’ button acting as the pivot to flick between features and settings and just a ‘start’, ‘up’ and ‘down’ button to do everything else.

The open-water mode is a welcome addition, and we found it measured our 600m loop accurately within 15m each time.

As well as the open-water mode, another major improvement on the previous incarnation is battery life, which doubles to a whopping two years in average mode (the £70 version is non-rechargeable, however, so you’ll have to buy a new battery for £15). 

On land, the watch can operate as a 99-lap stopwatch in chrono mode, so you can take it to the track and use it to count laps.

It also has a 12/24hr clock and an alarm, completing the package of what’s one of the best swimming watches around, and undoubtedly the most advanced at this price point. 

Verdict: Just brilliant – sets the new standard for swim watches, 92%


Contact : www.swimovate.com