RAD Roller recovery tools – first look

Sore muscles? Help could be at hand with the RAD Roller, Rod, Helix and Block from Colorado, USA

RAD self-massage tools – first look

New on the self-massage block from Colorado, USA comes a variety of tools from RAD, developed by biomechanics specialist Mike Mallory and pro triathlete Dan McIntosh.


First up is the RAD Roller, which the makers say is small enough to ease tension in small muscles and relieve trigger points that are hard to manage. It’s designed to help users target and relieve a sore foot, calf, hamstring, quad, hip, flexor, neck or back.

RAD Roller

The RAD Roller’s surface is designed to be smooth and tough, meaning that it should be gentle on the skin but strong enough for anyone to use. It comes in soft, original and stiff versions, costing £16.30 each.


Also just out is the RAD Rod (above, £25.40), made with a steel core and designed to help remove toxins built up through exercise and promote blood flow to tired muscles. It also has a soft outer shell to enable athletes to use it in areas they might otherwise avoid, say the makers.

RAD Helix

If you want a massage tool that is specifically designed to relieve tension in your back, then meet the RAD Helix (above, £32) is also available – a foam roller designed to fit comfortably on either side of your spine.

It’s designed to effectively relieve tight trigger points on either side of your spinal column without suffering the discomfort of rolling directly over your vertebrae. It can also be used to relieve trigger points in your calves, quads, hamstrings and hip flexors.

Finally, if you struggle with keeping your RAD Roller stationary whilst trying to attack deep tightness, then the RAD Block (see main pic, £18.90) will help you do so. It contains indents that hold the RAD Roller, which allows you to keep the RAD Roller stationary whilst massaging your pecs, shoulders, adductors and calf muscles. 

All products are available in the UK now from www.radroller.com


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