E-One IPL hair removal

Device promises superior smoothening - at a price


First things first: this unit costs £1,390. That’s a lot to spend on hair removal, no matter how good. 

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Still with us? Then here’s what the makers of the E-One IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) say you get in return: a medically-certified hair removal device that works by emitting a flash of light which is absorbed by the melatonin present in hair, then “converted into thermal energy”.


After just one session, hair regrowth will be lighter in colour and less dense, and after 10 treatments skin will be sleek, smooth and free of ingrown hairs, say E-One, who predict that hair regrowth will not begin until 40-50 days later.

You pays your money…

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Available from www.e-one-ipl.com.