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Best shoe odour eliminators for fresh running shoes

Fed up of smelly running shoes, kit bags and cupboards? Keep nasty whiffs at bay with the help of a shoe odour eliminator.

Smelly running shoes that need the best shoe odour eliminators

It’s no surprise our running and cycling shoes get a tad smelly considering what we put them through. Sweaty summery cycle rides, wet and boggy trail runs and home gym workouts can take a toll on your footwear, and a shoe odour eliminator is a simple solution.


Shoe odour eliminators come in a variety of forms including powders, sprays, deodorants and even fun fruit-shaped picks. Many aim to tackle the source of the odour, rather than just covering it up with a more pleasant scent, by limiting the build up of bacteria.

It’s worth noting that some of the best running socks come with an anti-odour treatment such as Polygiene, but when that’s not the case, a shoe odour eliminator is priceless.

Through in-depth research and analysis of user reviews, we’ve put together a list of the best shoe odour eliminators so you can find a suitable match – whether that’s a fruity scent or an anti-fungal formula – and keep your running shoes as fresh as possible.

Best shoe odour eliminators for 2022

Lemon Sole Shoe Freshener and Deodoriser 

If you’re a fan of citrussy scents, this shoe freshener contains lemongrass, lemon eucalyptus, tea tree, orange, bergamot and geranium. So it could be a winning option if you want a lovely scent, rather than a more general ‘sporty’ smell. As it’s made up of six essential oils, which are said to have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities, it’s described as a natural product.

Designed for sporty lifestyles, it aims to limit the fungi that can cause athlete’s foot, so it’s more than just a nice-smelling spray.

It’s one to consider if you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly choice, as you only need to use a little of the concentrated formula, meaning the bottle should last a while. 

Odor-Eaters Sport Foot and Shoe Spray

This odour eliminator shoe spray promises 24-hour odour control, so it could be a solid option for long distance events when you’re out all day. It’s been specifically designed for those with a sporty and active lifestyle, and aims to help with sweat control too.

The antibacterial spray promises a quick-drying formula, so you shouldn’t have to worry about soggy socks. As an anti-perspirant, it aims to prevent odours rather than just cover them. You can even use the spray on both your feet and your shoes to cover all bases!

It’s worth noting it’s an aerosol can, so it might not be the most sociable of sprays if you’re changing at the gym.

Shueco Fresh Shoe Deodorant Spray

Here’s another zesty option! This lemon shoe odour eliminator claims to work deep into the shoe’s fibres in order to draw out nasty bacteria. It also claims to be free of harsh chemicals and is described as non-toxic.

It’s a neat 100ml bottle, so it’s a handy size for your gym bag. You could also leave it in your office locker if you cycle to work, or enjoy squeezing in a workout at lunch.

Foot and Shoe Powder

While the majority of shoe odour eliminators are sprays, you can also opt for a powder. It’s claimed Shoe Rescue has been designed by a podiatrist and is free of chemicals and toxins, so it could be a great pick if you’re after a natural foot odour eliminator.

The blend of natural powders and essential oils are said to control the bacteria that when combined with sweat, cause foot odour.

Just place a spoonful of the powder into your dry shoes and tap the heel and toe so it’s evenly spread. You can use it for all types of footwear, so it’s easy to assume it’ll become a well-used household item.

Boot Bananas Shoe Deodorisers

For a fun alternative to powder and spray, you could give these absorbent bananas a go! They aim to absorb moisture and prevent odour while giving off a lavender, lemon, patchouli and tea tree scent. Just place them into your running shoes when they’re not in use. You can even use them on new shoes to try and stop the smell early.

Due to their unique design and reusable nature, they’d make a useful gift for an active friend.

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Shoe-Pourri Shoe Odour Eliminating Spray

This shoe spray uses neutralising essential oils to help combat unpleasant shoe odours. Just spray, leave to dry and you’re ready to go. It’s recommended for a range of sweaty fabrics, including gym bags, yoga mats and sports equipment, so it’s a versatile choice.

Rocket Pure Mint Foot Deodorant Spray 

You can spray this mint shoe odour eliminator directly onto your feet and your shoes, so it’s one to consider if you’re after double protection. It’s made with mint, eucalyptus, tea tree and thyme so you should expect a clean and fresh scent.

You can use it both before and after your sporting activity, which could be handy if you’ve got social arrangements straight after the gym. It’s a 120ml bottle, so there should be plenty of spritz to get through.

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