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Best exercise balls to buy in 2023

Add this classic tool to your training routine to build stability and improve performance

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The exercise ball or ‘Swiss ball’ is a mainstay in general fitness training and yoga, but it might not be your first thought when drawing up your training routine. Think again: this piece of equipment is packed with benefits worth considering.


Exercise balls can help improve your flexibility when used before a workout, as well as warming up and stretching your muscles, which may help to reduce risk of injury. Their shape can also improve range of motion on exercises like the sit-up or crunch.

Alongside ab rollers and leg raise stations, exercise balls are also a good all-round trainer to build a bulletproof core, which will undoubtedly have benefits on your race performance. Aside from traditional core-focused movements, the emphasis on stability can make exercises like push-ups significantly more core-focused.

If you’re looking to pick up an exercise ball, we’ve listed our picks for the best options on the market right now. There’s something for every function and budget, with all picks chosen based on in-depth research and analysis of user reviews.

Best exercise balls to buy in 2023

Trideer Yoga Ball

Trideer’s yoga ball is made from PVC and is said to be durable enough to support up to 900kg (or around the weight of a small elephant).

The ball features a honeycomb structure that ensures slow deflation in case of puncture and helps to reduce the risk of injury that could occur if the ball burst rapidly.

Trideer have also added a non-slip surface to the exercise ball, which is designed to enable you to complete movements without worrying about slipping, whether you’re sitting or performing weighted exercises. Meanwhile, the non-slip lines on the ball aim to ensure the ball stays in place during use.

The ball comes in various sizes, ranging from small to XXL, and can accommodate heights from 4ft 8in to 6ft 4in. It comes with a step pump for easy inflation.

Domyos Durable Swiss Ball

Domyos by Decathlon offers an exercise ball that comes in three different sizes, making it suitable for any height and weight. The ball features shiny lines, designed to provide precise grip during use.

The exercise ball is made from extra-thick material, which is stated to ensure user safety and longevity of use over time. This material aims to provide additional strength and durability, making the ball resistant to wear and tear.

Vluv Stov Fabric Exercise Ball

German brand Vluv Stov offers a premium exercise ball made from a polyester fabric, which is claimed to be both sturdy and comfortable.

The ball is designed for ergonomic sitting and back training. It’s suggested users sit on the ball in place of a chair, perhaps while working from home, to engage the stabiliser muscles in their core.

The exercise ball features a sewn-in bottom ring that prevents it from rolling away and a handle that makes it easy to move around. It’s available in three sizes to fit different heights.

The inner ball is made from burst-proof PVC and is stated to support a weight load of up to approximately 150kg. It comes with a hand pump, a zip-up cotton bag and an outer cover.

TRX Stability Ball

TRX offers an exercise ball made from non-slip vinyl, which is designed to provide stability for users during workouts. The vinyl material features anti-burst technology, which makes it able to withstand up to approximately 450kg, according to the brand.

The exercise ball is available in two different sizes for users to choose from. However, it does not come with a pump, so users will need to purchase one separately to inflate the ball to the desired size.

RDX B2 Inflatable Yoga Ball

RDX offers an exercise ball made from durable PVC, which is designed to withstand prolonged use. The ball features a honeycomb structure that allows air to deflate slowly, reducing the risk of injury caused by abrupt deflation.

Additionally, RDX includes a stability ring that provides a stable base with support for users during workouts, along with resistance bands that allow for a wide variety of exercises. The material is stated to be sweatproof and easy to clean when wiped down.

John Lewis Exercise Ball

John Lewis offers an exercise ball that features a slip-resistant surface and is designed to be well-suited for long workouts that may result in sweating.


The ball also includes grooves to further enhance its anti-slip surface. A pump is included with the ball, which is good to see for a product at this price.