Skins RY400 tights

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4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

Skins’ latest recovery offering is designed to enhance the circulation of blood to tired muscles after exercise.


At a RRP of £69.98, the tights may seem like a steep purchase, but compared to those constant coffer-draining recovery drinks, the one-off procurement of a pair of Skins could work out as the cheaper option.

The title of the RY400 comes from the lab technology used to create optimum comfort by developing 400 unique fitting points (which differ in both men’s and women’s tights). The Skins fit well – a key factor if you’re to benefit from the purported compression benefits. With tired legs, the heavy compression creates a fuzzy feeling of warmth, which is presumably down to the stimulation of blood circulation oxygenating stretched muscles.

After wearing them during sleep and exercise, the lack of soreness and increased freshness was noticeable. Wicking technology keeps you cool, and ‘antimicrobial’ treatment keeps them odour-free. Definitely worthy of the price tag.  


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