Sal Clear Tri Lube

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Made on the Isle of Man, Sal Clear Tri Lube has been designed specifically to get triathletes in and out of wetsuits in a hurry. The ingredients are tested so that they won’t affect the neoprene, and consistency is quite thin but not too watery, making precise and localised application easy.


In terms of protection from chafing, it didn’t sit as thickly on the skin as Suit Juice or Brave Soldier but was more effective than the Baby Oil. Unlike the Body Glide and Friction Zone products, it wouldn’t double up for use as saddle sore and blister protection, but then it doesn’t claim to be formulated for cycling and running as well. Packaging is quite basic and it would benefit from having a pump dispenser like the Suit Juice to make application less messy. Due to the consistency, a little bit of Sal Clear seemed to go a long way, which is a plus point.


Contact : Sal Clear 01624 838507