Madform Sport Formula Recovery

Pricey, but worth considering if you're after a top-quality muscle rub

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3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

Can rubbing a cream into muscles after training accelerate recovery? Well, Madform claim its sport formula recovery cream does just that. 


Billed as a “hot and cold action cream that should be applied after physical activity”, Madform say the use of its sport formula cream, containing absorbable forms of vitamins A, C and E, helps to repair microtraumas in muscle tissue, reduce the appearance of bruising and returns muscles to their optimum performance level faster. 

We weren’t able to verify these claims (recovery is dependent on many factors) but, in use, this product is very light, non-greasy and certainly produces a real heat/cold sensation – a bit like Deep Heat on steroids! 

It also seems to produce a longer-lasting effect than many similar muscle rubs, which could well be beneficial for local circulation, helping recovery. 

The fly in the ointment (excuse the pun) is, at £16.99 per 120ml tube, you’ll need to have very deep pockets if you want to use it regularly.


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