EMPpad Omnium1 recovery tool – first look

New tablet combines pulsed electro-magnetic field interface and claims to aid recovery and improve health


With 15 years of research behind it, the EMPpad Omnium1 has been designed to revolutionise the way runners recover.


The product combines what is purported to be the world’s most advanced pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) interface with an Android tablet to give users the ability to control their health and wellbeing as well as do all of the other things that tablets are expected to do.

The device claims to offer a range of benefits such as boosting energy, reducing stress, providing pain relief and enhanced sports performance.

The EMPpad Omnium1 has been designed in a way that allows it to send pulsed electro-magnetic fields through an attached pad. These pulses then penetrate the cells in the body and kick-start a process called cellular resonance, according to the makers. This process then in turn energises the cells of the body and gives the healing process a jump-start at a cellular level.

Talking about the positive benefits, Samuel Maddock, an experienced osteopath said: “Research into PEMF therapy has highlighted key areas that can lead to profound health improvements which can greatly benefit runners of all ages and abilities. These include natural pain relief, improved circulation to tissues, improved tissue repair and regeneration and improved tissue detoxification.”

The PEMF technology featured in the product can also help to speed up muscle tissue recovery by inducing heat stress protein expression which acts to protect the body of the cell before, during and after a morning run.


At £2,315 the EMPpad Omnium1 doesn’t come cheap, but it’s certainly an interesting development for runners and triathletes alike. To get your hands on the EMPpad Omnium1 head to