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Best massage balls for recovery

Looking for new ways to help with your recovery after hard sessions or races? We round up the best massage ball deals around...

best massage ball deals

A massage ball is a handy and compact self-massage tool to help you release muscular tension in particularly sore spots. Here are some of the best deals on the market…


What is a massage ball?

A massage ball, otherwise known as trigger point balls, are small, fist-sized balls that can be used to massage deeper into the muscle’s soft tissue in specific tight spots. Traditionally a lacrosse ball, these small and hard balls can be helpful when trying to undo tight knots in the muscles and massaging the fascia.

How do you use a massage ball?

A trigger point ball requires you to apply pressure to feel the benefits deep in the muscle. The best way to do this is to press your weight into the floor or a wall with the ball in between you and the surface, then you can use gravity and your bodyweight to apply pressure.

Once in position, complete small circular motions while applying pressure to the ball as you roll it over your tight muscles.

To roll the plantar fascia of the feet, for example, simply stand on the ball with one foot and lean as much weight as feels comfortable onto the foot as you roll the ball around your arch.

To get into tight spots on your back, position the ball in between yourself and a wall then move your body up and to the side slightly in tight circles. Similarly, to get into tight spots in the calf muscle, use your hand to roll the ball around the muscle, applying as much pressure as possible to feel the benefits.

Best massage ball deals

H&S Trigger Point Lacrosse Ball (2-pack)

Credit: Amazon

We’ve used these ‘lacrosse’ balls from H&S for years, so can vouch for their durability and ease of use. Each ball’s about the size of an apple (6.5cm diameter) and has a soft matte rubber outer layer but is still hard to the touch.

What’s key is that the firm density silicone’s hard enough to be effective when massaging into those tight spots. They’ve retained their shape after years of use and are easy to spot thanks to the bright colours – a nice departure from the classic plain black options you’ll find elsewhere.

Plyopic Pro Massage Ball Set

Credit: Amazon

This massage ball set from Plyopic has three balls with different surfaces, which Plyopic says are designed to target a range of body tissues across the body. Slightly larger than the H&S balls, these have a 7cm diameter and come with their own carry bag for easy transportation.

The smooth ball in this set is made from foam rubber and will be the softest option for a more gentle myofascial massage. It’s also designed to be compatible with storing in a freezer ‘to chill sore muscles’.

Meanwhile, the harder black ball is a classic trigger point ball with the addition of raised sections. It aims to provide deep tissue massage to the muscles.

Not designed for full body weight is the spiky light grey massage ball, which when used aims to provide plantar fascia massage on the feet, slight massage on the muscles, and reflexology therapy.

High Pulse Fascia Set

Credit: Amazon

This massage set from High Pulse comes with a mini foam roller, a large massage ball of 10cm diameter, a smaller trigger point ball of 6cm diameter and a peanut double ball of 8cm.

The set aims to offer ‘effective self-massage and fascia training’ for mobilisation of the muscles and connective tissues, as well as aiming to boost blood circulation and help pain relief.

The roller is designed for larger muscles of the body like the legs, while the peanut double ball targets muscle strands that run parallel along the back and neck.

TriggerPoint Performance

Credit: Amazon

This firm trigger point ball from sports massage giant TriggerPoint is 6.4cm in diameter and has a foam surface with a layered construction that aims to encourage blood oxygen flow and provide deep-tissue compression.

Trigger Point Massage Ball Roller

Credit: Amazon

This stainless steel massage ball is designed for hot or cold trigger point massage for muscle and pain relief. It works by holding the non-slip base of the ball and rolling the ball side along the muscles, pressing into muscle knots as much as desired.

The brand recommends that you can make it cold by keeping it in the fridge for around two hours or heat it up by placing in hot water for 15-20mins. In addition, the ball’s also designed with a small hole to inject oil or lotion to add to the muscle massage.

Khawy Cork Massage Ball (2-pack)

Credit: Amazon

This eco-friendly option from Khawy is made of coarse grain cork and as such, is non-toxic. The high-density massage ball is also designed to be extremely lightweight and durable.