BBB Impact

Comfort and vision to rival glasses twice the price

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

You’d struggle to find glasses that hold your head better than BBB’s Impact. Their relatively broad arms pinch in to grip securely (but not uncomfortably) just above your ears, while rubber wraps along each arm ensure there’s no slippage when you start sweating. 


You’d also struggle to find glasses with a closer fit – the frame practically rests on your brow and there’s barely any gap between the lens and your face. This snugness provides great protection from debris, while the three supplied polycarbonate lenses (blue mirror, yellow and clear) makes them suitable for use in all light conditions you’re likely to encounter.

The comfort and protection offered by these 27g glasses is impressive and so is the field of vision. Rare is it to find a pair of glasses with a frame that never obstructs your sight.


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