Elite O3one

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

This 100ml bottle is made by the same guys who build turbo trainers, so we assume it’s aimed at cyclists and triathletes. (The instructions aren’t exactly in the Queen’s English, but if you can read Italian perhaps that part makes more sense.)


We particularly liked the dispenser system Elite has used: the oil sprays out of the top, which makes this quite possibly the least messy oil you’re likely to come across.

Like Vulkan’s Pre-Sport, the Ozone is a particularly slippery oil, making it good for general massage but not so good for specifically working into problem areas. We didn’t detect any discernible heating effect, so if you want a neutral feel this could fit the bill. It lacks the luxurious feel of the Vulkan but is cleaner and has a more subtle pine scent should the smell of changing rooms not appeal.


Contact : Madison www.ultimatepursuits.co.uk