Martyn Brunt’s book Accidental Ironman

We take a flick through Brunty’s Accidental Ironman


Joining such writing luminaries as Ashley Cole and Wayne Rooney in the world of sporting memoirs is our very own Martyn Brunt with the publication of his Accidental Ironman tome.


Out on the shelves now, Accidental Ironman: How Triathlon Ruined My Life covers Martyn’s decade in tri from taking up the sport in the first place (for a bet) to his 10 Iron-distance finishes, via cowpats, incontinence and spending entire redundancy payments on a new bike.

Needless to say, Belgian mobile toilets, E.T.’s nutsack and Robert Downey Jr. ruining the term Ironman are just some of the subjects discussed, as are the many and varied idiots he’s got to know as a result of taking up the sport (aka his mates).


Accidental Ironman is priced at £8.99 from And you can meet Mr. Brunt at the Triathlon Show ( on 1st/2nd March.