Triathlon Made Easy

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

Triathlon Made Easy is written by Zoe McDonald and Lisa Buckingham from Zest magazine, and their day job has clearly seeped through to the pages of this guide, as it has a stereotypical girly air to it – lots of stars, pastel colours and cute illustrations. While these fluffy visuals will appeal to some, many will find this approach slightly patronising.


That said, there’s a wealth of useful information about the sport, nutrition, stretching and core work. There are also plans for super sprint, sprint and Olympic distances, which cover the bare bones to get you started, though they’ve used drawings rather than photos. These work in part but in places can be less illustrative compared to a real-life snap.

Overall, this off-putting glitzy approach tarnishes what, for us, is an informative and accessible entry into the expanding world of multisport.


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