Swimovate PoolMateLive

Staines-finest return with their latest swim gadget


Having scooped plaudits and awards aplenty with their PoolMate and PoolmatePro, Brit triathletes Swimovate are back with the launch of their PoolMateLive.

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Key features of the PoolMateLive include laps swum, distance, speed, efficiency, calories burned and extra-large display characters that can be viewed through goggles.

A vibrating alarm gives swimmers feedback by gently shaking the wrist after a set number of laps or time interval, meaning you don’t need to look at the screen to track progress.

With the optional download clip (£30), users can then download and analyse the data afterwards on a PC or Mac. Online features include a lap-by-lap analysis of every session including strokes, distance, speed, calories, stroke rate, stroke length and efficiency.

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The PoolMateLive will retail for £90, with the download clip costing an extra £30. They’re available from www.swimovate.com